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Welcome! Happy to have you here.

I am a trans non-binary performer. COVID-19 really shook my life up. I was touring North America with the Broadway musical Book of Mormon as Elder White when everything shut down! I was like... what now?

I signed up for the Tik Tok app and started making content. I now have over 45 million views! My videos have been shown on news stations and meme accounts like CBS and UNILAD. I ALSO discovered my new gender identity and am living my best life as a non-binary human. This year I made it on Good Morning America's "Who is Making LGBTQ+ History Right Now?" list! 

I am currently living in Los Angeles, CA pursuing my love of acting, writing, hosting, comedy, and just about anything else a person will throw me a buck for.

Fun facts:

- Wildlife Rehabilitator- I rescue baby possums!!!

-vinyasa certified yoga teacher

-backpacked through Europe by myself the summer before senior year, and fell in love with Irish royalty

-when I was ten I sang "One" from A Chorus Line as a solo for Marvin Hamlisch, and BUTCHERED all the lyrics IN FRONT OF HIM.

-Ellen  Degeneres once called my thigh muscles "impressive"

-Introduced a group of Tahitians to Beyonce's music at a karaoke bar in Bora Bora



Please feel free to reach out via email or social media, anytime!

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